Rattling Forks: Stalker

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NOTE: Stalker Models are Special Order and require an an additional 7 days production time before shipping.

The Ron Spomer signature series Stalker is built compact and light for active still-hunting, spot-and-stalk hunting and packing deep into woods and mountains. Our patent pending Ekko cavity, built into the handle, reduces weight while amplifying volume



The Rattling Forks Stalker is designed to emit sound like a tuning fork.  Easily reach the ears of deer far away with little effort.  Attract more deer by simply making sound that penetrates brush and wind so more deer can hear it.  See our How To video. Rattling Forks Stalker are cast of the finest premium resins that mimic the density, weight, and hardness of real antlers.  They are going to cost a little more than a mass manufactured product but the results are worth it! Made by hunters, for hunters, our five star reviews and videos prove the effectiveness of Rattling Forks.  You will never use another rattling tool.  You will own the best! Our GUARANTEE: If you don’t rattle in more deer, return in 30 days for a full refund.
Weight 28oz per set
Dimensions 11 in. long, 5 in. width at tips
Colors Hunters Green, Safety Orange

2 reviews for Rattling Forks: Stalker

  1. Ron Spomer

    Full disclosure: I consulted on the design of these, so I’m biased — and proud to be! I base my bias on my success with Rattling Forks. Using the standard size forks, last fall I rattled in more and bigger bucks in six different states than I ever have before. And I’ve been rattling whitetails for more seasons than most hunters have been alive. The shorter, lighter Ron Spomer signature Stalkers are as tough, durable and loud as the originals, but easier to pack around. I love to run-and-gun, so I really appreciate the painless way Stalkers ride in a pack or just draped across my shoulders without poking and stabbing. When I get aggressive and really bash and mash them, my fingers emerge unscathed. Light, compact, tough and loud. What more do you want? Oh, bucks? Don’t worry. If you rattle Stalkers, they will come.

  2. Don A. Davis

    I’ve been using the Original Rattling Forks for three seasons with Great Success, but Steven just recently introduced me to The Stalker Forks.

    Once I picked up The Stalker forks, I knew they were gunna be the next new item in my hunting pack.

    First off, the sound is beautiful. Steven has put tons of R&D in The Stalker forks, and I’d have to say he hit it out of the park with this model!

    Secondly, I love the compact size. I had no issues with the Original forks, but The Stalker series are very easy to pack in and out of places with ease. I have even more room in my hunting pack now, which is never a bad thing!

    Last, but definitely not least, is the great costumer service that comes with the product. Im always looking for different techniques and scenarios to aid myself into rattling in mature deer. Steven is always an email away and will answer any of my questions and give pointers on different things to try to help draw in the big bucks!

    Shoot Straight!

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