What Are Rattling Forks?

Watch Stevie show you how Rattling Forks bring in deer, and how you can achieve the save results.

Mr. Whitetail talks rattling

“Mr. Whitetail”, Larry Weishuhn used to use natural antlers. Until he found Rattling Forks.

Use Rattling Forks to attract more Whitetail bucks!

What makes Rattling Forks unique is their ability to project sound. This is achieved by combining a dense polymer material with a design that utilizes the physics of resonance to create a high-decibel sound wave.

Our experimentation has identified a unique sound wave that penetrates wind and brush effectively, reaching over and around hills and valleys. This makes Rattling Forks the loudest rattling tool on the market. This Including real antlers, which can become brittle and break apart easily.

Rattling forks can increase the amount of acreage covered by 500% or more.

Most rattling tools are simply not loud enough to be effective. Rattling Forks’ proprietary formula mimics the hardness of antlers, one of the hardest elements in the animal kingdom. The two point design resonates sound like a tuning fork, giving you the advantage of reaching the ears of deer that might be over a mile away.

Rattling Forks guaranteed to bring in the whitetail deerErgonomic design makes Rattling Forks easy to use, carry, and store.

Gone are the days of bruised knuckles and packing difficulties. Rattling Forks are designed to be held with the tines facing the same direction. Simply brushing the tines across each other creates the sound of two bucks in battle. There is a strike point just below the fork where the two sides can be struck together for maximum decibels.