Rattling Tips

Why (and when) are deer attracted to a fight?

Why does rattling antlers attract deer? Lets first discuss why deer are attracted to a fight. I once sat in a tripod in Old Mexico watching about a dozen deer feeding in a dry tank bed.  A fight erupted between two mature bucks that were in the herd.  It was a tremendous battle lasting 20 […]

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Setting up a successful rattling hunt

I hunt out of a top drive so I have the advantage of mobility and visibility.  When the deer are coming to the horns, I generally rattle about 5-6 spots in the morning and a couple in the evening.  The main thing to consider is being able to see the buck before he sees or […]

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How to effectively rattle deer

How can I attract more deer by rattling? This subject is the source of many a debate but think about this.  You are trying to convince a mature Whitetail buck that there is an opportunity.  Simply tickling horns may attract some young bucks but a big bruiser could care less.  He hears small bucks sparring […]

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