Rattling Forks: Magnum

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The Larry Weishuhn signature series Magnum is built big, tough, and loud for cutting through Texas wind and South Texas brush.  Mr. Whitetail believes big bucks come to big fights and this bad boy will make your ears ring.  If you want to pull big bucks out of big cover from a long way out, the Magnum will get ’em up and moving — right to you.




The Rattling Forks Magnum is designed to emit sound like a tuning fork.  Easily reach the ears of deer far away with little effort.  Attract more deer by simply making sound that penetrates brush and wind so more deer can hear it.  See our How To video. Rattling Forks Magnum are cast of the finest premium resins that mimic the density, weight, and hardness of real antlers.  They are going to cost a little more than a mass manufactured product but the results are worth it! Made by hunters, for hunters, our five star reviews and videos prove the effectiveness of Rattling Forks.  You will never use another rattling tool.  You will own the best! Our GUARANTEE: If you don’t rattle in more deer, return in 30 days for a full refund.
Weight 34oz per set per set
Dimensions 13 in. length, 6 in. width at tips
Colors Hunters Green, Safety Orange

34 reviews for Rattling Forks: Magnum

  1. Don A. Davis

    Rattling Forks are the REAL DEAL! I’ve tried all the chain store rattling antlers and real white-tail antlers. Rattling Forks sound is dead on with mature bucks fighting! The sound these Forks produce carries further, thus drawing mature deer from long distances.

    Rattling Forks fit right in my backpack and are with me on every hunt!

    Great customer service and awesome product!

    Don D.

  2. luke clayton

    I’ve been hunting deer fifty plus years and rattled bucks from North Dakota to South Texas. These “Forks” produce a sound that really reaches out and pulls em in. Or…can also create a subtle “softer” sound for close order work. Every deer hunter that enjoys the the thrill of pulling a big buck in out of the brush should own a set!!

  3. Harrell Newton

    Probably the best ever. Simple to use and really work fantastic.

  4. Jeremy Lacy

    Rattling Forks work fantastic! I had a mature buck charge in twice, so hard, I thought about taking cover. You will do yourself a big favor if you use Rattling Forks. They really work!
    Jeremy Lacy

  5. Shane Kafer

    Rattling Forks really work! Rattled me up a good Missouri buck last year with them. Love the ergonomic design and the ability to go loud. Nothing like them! Shane K.

  6. Sonny Knutson

    I manage a large ranch that Steve hunts. He gave me a set of Rattling Forks to throw in my truck. I had a big buck chase a doe across the ranch road and rattled out the window. He came barreling toward me. They really work!

  7. Billy Macalister

    Great product! Not a piece of junk like you find in the stores.

  8. Larry Weishuhn

    Rattling Forks are a great tool that will fool the smartest bucks. I’ve done it. I especially like the ability to rattle soft or go loud. I use them exclusively!
    Larry Weishuhn, “Trailing the Hunters Moon”

  9. Jeff Winnie

    I was skeptacle at first. Not any more. Rattling success went up three fold. Great product. Easy to use.

  10. Mike and Heather Ray

    Steve gave me a set to try for our TV show. First day, we rattled up an Oklahoma buck. Easy to use and fit nicely in my backpack. We use them exclusively. They really work well. Mike and Heather Ray, “The Wild Life TV”.

  11. Randal Witte

    I like rattling forks because you don’t bust your knuckles every time you use them. I can also throw them under my truck seat when I am done.

  12. Larry Coon

    They really work well in West Texas. My rattling success went way up when I started using Rattling Forks. Very easy to use too. Great product!

  13. Greg Efferson

    Rattling Forks work great! I definitely rattle in a lot more deer now. Greg E

  14. Chris Skotak

    My 14 year old daughter, Amber, loves Rattling Forks. All she wants to do is rattle and she is darn successful. Rattling Forks are a great product!

  15. Daren Baccus

    I received my Rattling Forks the day after I ordered them. The moment I took them out of the box and tried them at home I was impressed. I have been rattling for years and tried everything, including many sets of real antlers. Steven Ray has nailed it with Rattling Forks. They sound great and are easy to use. This is a very impressive product and I can’t wait to use them this fall. Daren Baccus, Waco, Texas

  16. Lucas Tiffany, “Deer Hunting’s Finest”

    Rattling Forks are better than your standard rattling antlers or the Black Rack. The sound travels a long way against the wind. I couldn’t be happier with them. Lucas Tiffany, “Deer Hunting’s Finest”

  17. Jacob Hacker

    Rattling Forks sound great! The echo through the timber is flawless. Within 20 minutes of the first time I used them, I had a nice 8 point within bow range. Not big enough to shoot, but big enough to prove Rattling Forks work!

  18. Jeremy Allen Anderson

    I have been waiting for 12 years for somebody to come up with horns that project sound like these do. Easy to use, they fit right in my hunting bag, and when you take them out, they don’t clang around all over.

  19. Nathan upchurch

    I just bought a set of these sunday I recieved them today I got them out of the box drove out to my farm got out of my truck and rattled them for about 3 minutes waited 10 and had a buck come to the edge of the timber I am very impressed with the sound of these

  20. Larry Weishuhn

    I rattled up the biggest buck of my entire hunting career last week in Missouri, no question about it. I love Rattling Forks!

  21. Gene Gilpin

    Outstanding! I’m from SE Kansas. First year for me to actually bow hunt and call in the bucks! These things work! I’ve called in over 10 bucks the 3 times I used them. Insane how they all come in! Great quality product! Very loud! I would so recommend these forks! Awesome Steve!

  22. Gene

    This is my first year actually calling in bucks. Rattling forks work great! Used them 3 different times now and had 10 bucks come in so far. Yesterday called in 6 in one setting and got to shoot one! These things are the real deal!

  23. Chad Fisher

    I just harvested a 6 1/2 year old Illinois buck using Rattling Forks! First time I ever rattled one in. Thank you for making such a great product, Steve. So easy to carry and sound great! Chad

  24. Cory Tass

    I’m a big fan of Rattling Forks. Went three for three this morning. They really do work. Hand down the easiest to use at all levels.

  25. Mike and Heather Ray

    Hunted Buffalo Mountain Ranch in Abilene Texas opening weekend. Deer weren’t coming to the feeders. Rattled in 8 bucks in 6 setups. They came in aggressive. Got some great footage. Mike and Heather Ray. “The Wild Life TV”

  26. Daren Baccus

    Unbelievable! First time out opening weekend. My son, Hunter, rattled in Muy Grande. Mid 70’s buck. Great product and excellent customer service. Couldn’t be more pleased. Daren and Hunter.

  27. Mason Grigg

    Rattling Forks are awesome! Great quality product.

  28. John Dunn

    I had an awesome year hunting Michigan with my Rattling Forks.
    John Dunn

  29. Daryl Burttschell

    Stevie Ray, your Rattling Forks are incredible, so effortless and so loud. I rattled in a mid 50’s buck in south Texas for my son and he came from a long way. Keep up the good work. Great product! Daryl Burttschell

  30. Ronald Hix

    My first year using Rattling Forks was a rattler for years using antlers off from a previous kill. Rattling Forks have just amazed me at the difference. I have rattled more mature bucks than in previous years using antlers from harvested bucks. More bucks from further distances away. Good service from Steven and a quality product that works!

  31. Ron Spomer

    Rattling Forks are simple, tough, loud and durable. Easy to carry, huge volume and authentic sound. I used them in Nebraska and rattled up several bucks from 140 to 175. I like them so much, I put my name on them. Ron Spomer

  32. Colton Bailey

    Perfect for your hunting bag. Easy care, and not very bulky.

    Also very loud ut able to soften up when working on deer that are close. Brought in 4 bucks on one sequence this morning in Illinois.

  33. 3doilgas

    It’s that time of year again, Deer Season! Get you a set of Rattling Forks and don’t look back!
    If your tired of the un-realistic sound of the blackrack, cheap handheld calls or primo’s bulky antlers, order you a set of Rattling Forks and know you have the best buck attracting device in the industry!
    These Rattling Forks are made to last a lifetime and are built in the USA by a real outdoorsman!
    Christmas is just around the corner. I’d bet the farm any hunter in your family would be happy to receive Rattling Forks as a gift!

    Thank you Steve for providing us hunters with the best rattling product to ever hit the market! Rattling Forks have changed my hunting style and given me the opportunity at larger bucks that come in more frequently to any other rattling device.

    Don D.

  34. Greg Gundersen

    Nebraska Bowhunter,ordered Rattling Forks,received in 3 days,hunted 2 days with them and harvested my biggest buck ever.Very easy to use,well made,best money ever spent.

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